Group Structure

Dynaciate Engineering Sdn Bhd

Plant, Process Engineering and Construction.

Dynaciate Fabricators Sdn Bhd

Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchange, Tankage, Steel Structure and Customize Steel Fabrication

Dyna Elite Construction Sdn Bhd

Civil and Structural Construction Work, Road work, and etc.

Dyna Teknik Sdn Bhd

Servicing Contract, Maintenance Work and Facilities Management

OG Tech Resources Sdn Bhd

Staging and Scaffolding (rental and erection).

Dynaciate (Kuantan) Sdn Bhd

East Coast Region Project and Servicing Contract.

Dynaciate (S) Pte Ltd

Sales and Service Office.

IDM Global Resources Sdn Bhd

Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning (EPCC) Services in Oil & Gas.