Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE)

At Dynaciate, we take pride in being the leader in our industry and safety is no exception. Dynaciate believes and resolutely adheres to the highest safety standards and is committed to provide a safe working place and environment to its employees, and its customers as a basic part of its business philosophy and values.

While efficiency and effectiveness in all our processes are of prime importance, safety remains our first priority. Thus, in 2012, we establish OHSAS that drive by our Managing Director and lead by HSE Manager to deliver reliable power supply and high end customer services to all of our customers and we always do so with the safety of our employees and customers in mind. We also have woven and bound safety practices into all our business processes through a Safety Management approach, which focuses on people, processes, systems, technology, environment and facilities.

By caring for our people and providing a workplace where safety is the cornerstone of all things that we do, we are able to provide an environment that benefits our workplace family while also providing value to our customers such as:

  • Our team members are able to go home each and every day to their families and friends without the burden of being hurt on the job.
  • Our customers can focus on their key business activities while knowing that Dynaciate’s services will be completed in a safe and responsible manner.

We firmly believe that accidents and risks to health are preventable through continual improvement in the work environment and the involvement of all parties in creating a safe, healthy & an accident free workplace for employees which then extends to the society at large.

The company observes regular safety audits along with emergency mock drills in order to create a safety culture and increase the importance of safety among the workforce. Dynaciate’s has implemented internal and external training in order to enhance their awareness, skill and competence levels, for the application and reportage of safety issues and its monitoring till logical conclusion, skilling them to absorb the automated procedure for generation, circulation and monitoring of UCUA (Unsafe Condition, Unsafe Act) compliance at the field level.